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Saturday, March 06, 2010

An early taste...

...of spring!

It's early March. I know that the weather wizard may still bring us more winter, but for now I'm enjoying the gift of early spring weather. I was pulled outside twice: in the morning, to walk in the still chill air, and in the afternoon, to roll down the road on my bicycle in comfortable warmth. The temperature? It was in the mid-50's (Fahrenheit). Very nice!

It's funny, most lawns were snow-free. But occasionally? A large swath of white would decorate some land that I know was hit by sunshine. I wonder. Why does the errant snow-patch remain?

Ponds still wore ice, with water showing around the edges, water showing reflections of the bright blue sky.

log resting on ice, ice slowly melting

reflection of a tree in rippled water

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