Denise Goldberg's blog

Thursday, November 05, 2009


Hey! It's Rover writing. It's been too long since I borrowed Denise's blog. I wonder... maybe I should create my own blog. For now I'll just keep popping into Denise's blog when I feel the need to write.

Denise really needs a break, and I've been planting a suggestion in her head that she really should take a quick wander to Acadia. That will reset her spirits nicely, don't you think?

She really wanted to take a long weekend in October to wander there, but the two weekends she was thinking about ended up being very very wet. I certainly understand her lack of desire to drive all that way only to end up sitting inside looking at the rain. Neither one of us is too fond of wandering in wet weather, so we stayed home.

It looks like this coming weekend will be cool but dry. Fingers crossed... because I heard Denise on the phone last night making arrangements for a place to stay. It's going to be just a regular weekend, no extra days. Oh! I think spending a day along the rocky coast in Acadia is just what we need. Happy...

Rover on top of Gorham Mountain, Acadia National Park

This is a photo of me on top of Gorham Mountain, on our wander in Acadia back in June. I wonder if we'll bounce up that trail again on this trip.