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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Who should I believe?

I've been thinking about heading to Bar Harbor for a long weekend to satisfy my springtime Acadia addiction. My initial thoughts were to take that trip in May, either last weekend or this coming weekend. As you probably guessed from my blog entries, I didn't jump up the coast last weekend, and this coming weekend is still questionable from a weather standpoint.

What a baby! But honestly, riding and hiking and wandering with my camera in the rain just doesn't appeal to me right now. Maybe in the summer when the air is warm, but temperatures in the 50s with wet weather? That's cold!

The forecast for the weekend keeps changing, from sunshine to a chance of rain ranging between 40 and 60%, and back to sunshine. Just like home - the foreast for this afternoon included thundershowers, yet I just got home from walking under a clear blue sky. Hmmm... It could be beautiful, it could be wet.

Maybe I'll wait a few more weeks, maybe not. This weekend? June? Soon...