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Thursday, May 07, 2009

(Hopefully) a reprieve

It appears that I will continue to get my morning fix - my copy of the Boston Globe. Yes, I know, I can get my news from the web, but I really do enjoy reading the paper.

The Globe recently slimmed down, which I'm sure cut publication expenses. Based on the protracted negotiations with the Globe's unions and the demands of the paper, it appears that was just a start at solving a big (money) problem.

I like some aspects of the smaller paper. I can always find the business section in it's home behind the Metro section. In the days before the new newspaper organization I always had to search for the Business section. Sometimes it was tacked behind the Sports section, sometimes behind the Living & Arts section. Neither of those made any sense to me, so yes, I'm happier with the current (and apparently) stable organization of the paper.

When I first heard of the negotiations for concessions with the unions at the Globe along with the New York Times Company's threat to file for shutdown of the globe on May 1st, I was sure that the paper was gone. After protracted negotiations, an announcement was made yesterday that the negotiations with all of the unions were successful. Of course there still needs to be a vote, but it sounds like there is hope.

I guess I'm really not ready to give up my newspaper addiction yet.