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Saturday, May 02, 2009

The call of the coast

Yesterday, the weather forecast for today looked very iffy (from the perspective of dry pavement). Yes, the ground was wet this morning, but it quickly dried. Ah, a good riding day...

I happily wandered on two wheels, stopping a few times for photos, but mostly just riding, rolling down the road.

Home again, it was time to switch gears. I felt the ocean calling, and I answered that call by heading to the New Hampshire coast. Yes, of course I had my camera with me!

There was a good 15 degree temperature difference between home and the coast. It was 69 when I left home and 54 when I jumped out of my car at the edge of the ocean. Luckily I grabbed some light layers before I headed out; I needed more than a light t-shirt as I started walking.

Did you know that it's more than likely that you'll end up with very wet feet if you stand below the (wet) water line on the beach with your camera to your face when the tide is rolling in? Yup, I did it again! This time I wasn't walking with my camera pressed to my face. I was standing still, watching the waves roll in, clicking, watching, clicking. And oops! the water rolled up above my ankles! I was surprised that my wet feet didn't really feel cold, probably because the water temperature was fairly close to the air temperature. I checked the current temps at the NOAA's National Oceanic Data Center, and while there wasn't a reported temperature for today, it showed the average May 1st to 15th temperature for Portsmouth, NH at 48 degrees. That sounds cold to me, but in contrast to the air temperature it really isn't.

It was a good riding day, and it was a good walking day. I find walking by the ocean so calming.

New Hampshire coast

More photos from today's wanders along the New Hampshire coast can be found in the gallery By the sea... coastal New Hampshire 2009. This is a running gallery that I plan to use as I capture my quick wanders to the coast this year. It currently contains photos from today and from a day in early March. The gallery is arranged with the newest photos at the beginning.