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Friday, April 17, 2009

Bare knees!

It was a magical day, a day with the temperature jumping into the high 60s. Warmth!

I worked from home today, so when I was done talking with my computer at the end of my work day my bicycle was ready to roll (and so was I!). It was 68 degrees when I headed out, just over the "cover your knees in temperatures below 65" rule. Oh, you didn't know about that rule? It's a word of warning to cyclists to prevent knee injuries. Pedaling in circles for many miles takes happy knees, and I try to keep mine that way.

Bare knees, bare arms, no layers needed today...

The sky was bright blue, decorated with puffs of white. As I rode, I passed other people riding, walking, watching, enjoying the warmth. The warmth stayed with me for the entire ride, quiet air transitioned to wind, and gray started to crowd the sky.

reflections of blue sky & clouds in the clear water of a lake

Oh! What a wonderful spring day. Thank you weather wizard!