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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Phone numbers...

My trip to England is jumping out in front of me, just over two weeks away now. I stashed a reminder to myself (in the back of my mind) to order another RoadID before my trip, and tonight I realized that I'd better get that done.

Why? I wear a RoadID when I wander on my bike, when I walk, and when I'm traveling. Biking and walking - it let's me walk without carrying ID and my health insurance card, just in case something happens. Yes, you can say that nothing will happen, and it usually doesn't. But something did happen to me a few years back, and since then I've been careful to have easy access to emergency information on me.

My RoadID has both a web address and a phone number that can be used to access that information. The phone number is an 800 number that only works in North America. At first I was going to rely on any emergency personnel having access to the web, but then... I went ahead and ordered another RoadID tonight. I called them (instead of placing my usual web order) to request that they put a non-800 phone number on it.

Done! And I should have it next week, in plenty of time for my trip.