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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Noticeably shrinking

The edges of the day are pulling inward, shrinking.

Funny, the change in daylight usually doesn't jump out at me until closer to the winter solstice, and we're just creeping toward the equinox. Yikes! I hope that doesn't mean that the real dark later in the year gets to me more than normal. I suspect that part of the slap in the face is that I just spent a week in the western side of the Atlantic time zone, and I live in the eastern side of the Eastern time zone. The differences in the times of sunrise and sunset between those locations is noticeable.

Now? It's dark when I get up to start my day... Sunrise today is at 6:21, sunset at 19:01. That's still a lot better than what will come in three months at the winter solstice, when sunrise is at 7:11 and sunset at 16:14.

It's no where near winter's early darkness, and I'd better adjust my mind to what is today. Before much more time passes I'm going to need to pull out my flashing lights so I can walk down a dark road and still be seen.