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Friday, May 23, 2008

Hey - who ordered that camera?

Oh, you're right, it was me.

I was supposed to be buying a tripod. I looked and I looked. I was inching closer to a decision. But then my fingers strayed away from the tripods, wandering into the camera section. Oops!

My tripod wander was on the B&H site last Sunday, and somehow my fingers waltzed across my keyboard and added a camera to the cart.

Hmm… a Canon G9 popped up at my doorstep on Tuesday. (Well, not my doorstep, my office!) Don't get me wrong - I'm still having a very serious love affair with my 40D, but there are times when I want a small camera with me, just in case. And somehow I've grown attached to the ability to impose some control on the camera settings.

It's a truly sweet camera. We're still getting used to each other, the camera and I.

Photos are jumping into a gallery, samples below.

That tripod decision? It's still to come...