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Friday, May 30, 2008


Road construction can be good, right?

The road that forms the primary egress from my house is under construction. I can't argue with the need for a big fix there, but yes, this construction period could prove to be somewhat annoying. I came home tonight to find that the usual 4-lane with additional turning lanes chunk of road has been lined with barrels and changed into a winding 2-lane road. That was to be expected. After all, a road can't be torn up and replaced without disrupting traffic, can it?

The surprise for me was that left turns are prohibited. Yikes. I drove at least two miles (to get back home again) after I passed the turn I needed to take in order to get home. And I can't turn left out of here either. Ah, but (hopefully) I can cut through the college campus next door when I need to turn left from home.

I have a copy of the construction schedule, and while there will be work going on throughout the summer, it looks like "rip up and replace the road" portion of the work will be completed in June. So I guess the month ahead will be one of thinking about where I really want to go before I drive.