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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Warming sunshine

Cool morning, sunshine, warmth sneaking in...

Last night I prepared to ride to work this morning, just in case the temperature decided to cooperate. Morning came too early, signaled by my buzzing alarm. Ah, time to check outside; how cold is it? 40 degrees. That's chilly, but... if it had been 38 or 39 I would have thought more than twice about riding in, but 40? OK, OK, I still remember how to dress for that level of chill, and it was supposed to be 70 by the end of the day. Yes bicycle, it's time to ride!

Layers made my cool morning ride comfortable, and the weather wizard provided some warming for my afternoon ride. 40 degrees in the morning, 65 in the afternoon - that's quite a range, but it was easily handled with the right layers.

Swirling winds from the northwest made my ride home interesting. My bike was pointed to the north and east for most of the ride, but a couple of loops south and then north again gave me the gift of an absolute headwind for a while. Sometimes I felt like I was moving forward so slowly that I must have been standing still.

It makes me wonder if anyone has figured out how to ensure a tailwind all of the time. No? I didn't think so. And yes, I'm just allowing some silliness to creep in to my day!