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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Quiet, wet!

Wet, wet, where's the sun?
April showers, May flowers
It's May, still raining!

I hear a clamor from the garage; my bicycles want to ride. So do I, but I'd much prefer riding down dry roads. And after my bicycles peeked out at the rain, they agreed with me that today wasn't a riding day.

As it turns out I was just plain lucky. Mid-morning, the roads were wet but getting drier, the sky was a lighter shade of gray, no rain was falling. It looked like a reasonable time to get out for a quick ride. I pumped the tires, dressed in cycling attire, and opened the door to find that the sky had turned a dark shade of gray. As I stood there, it started pouring once more. I guess I'm glad I was a little slow getting started because if I had been moving faster I would have been caught on my bike in that downpour. Yes, I know, it's more than possible to ride in the rain - but I'd really prefer not to. And it totally trashes the bike.

I went back to my inside activities for a while, waiting for the deluge to get a bit lighter. Still wet... somehow I don't mind walking in the rain as much as riding. Walking, rainy walking, deep gray skies lightened as I wandered. The sky was still leaking rain as I arrived home again.

It's been gray for days now, but a change is coming. By late afternoon, the gray clouds scattered, leaving a blue sky decorated with white. End of the day sunshine, amazing...