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Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Computer arrives
Power, speed, brilliant colors
Awesome, happy, sweet!

It took me long enough! I've known that it was time for a new computer since late last year, but the impending release of Vista made me wait. Yes, I could have figured out how much computer I needed to support Vista in that timeframe, but I decided to wait until the operating system had been out for a little while. Last week I finally came to my senses, spent some time pouring over features, and ordered my new computer. Honestly, I didn't expect to see it for another week, but it clearly wanted to join my household; it arrived today.

Funny... it came with Google Desktop installed and running. I thought about turning it off, but wait! One of the first sites that I visited was my photo gallery - I wanted to get a sense of the quality of the screen (and it truly is awesome). Then I did a double-take. There was a small square flitting through photos on the right edge of the screen, and I saw a picture of myself there - and I haven't yet copied any of my photos onto the computer. What! It turns out that the Google Desktop Photos gadget watches as you surf web sites and picks up photos from visited sites. For now, I've stopped it from adding more photo sites; I'd like some control over what randomly jumps into my eyes. What an interesting gadget! It definitely brought a smile to myself (as if I didn't already have overflowing smiles from just playing with my new toy! (For those of you who aren't running Vista, this isn't a Vista feature but a Google desktop feature.)

Oh, you want to know what I bought? A Dell laptop, an Inspiron with a 17" TrueLife glossy widescreen display. The display size was the source of one of my arguments with myself; I kept flipping between the 15.4" and 17.1" display. But really, it's the quality of the display that blows me away.

Thanks for listening... I just had to share my excitement about my new toy!