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Monday, May 07, 2007

Blackberry delight

Berries, wondrous tiny bundles of flavor...

Strawberries are a staple in my kitchen, at least when they smell good (looks aren't enough!) and their price is somewhat reasonable. The "season" seems to have morphed into three seasons since it now seems that there are only a few months when I need to live without strawberries.

Blueberries wander through my kitchen for at least a month each year - maybe two... I had extended access to blueberries this year because I treated myself to ten pounds of wild Maine blueberries on my way home from my Nova Scotia wanderings last fall. Yes, they were frozen, but what a treat they have been. Oat bran cereal topped with wild blueberries, yum!

But there are other berries too, the more fragile berries that taste wonderful and that are not available as often. Raspberries, blackberries, both are a real treat. And that leads to my story...

Late on Saturday I stopped by the grocery store because I needed milk and bananas. The milk came home with me, but somehow I forgot the bananas. How (why) did I forget? Looking back, I think that my forgetfulness was meant to happen. I returned to the store on Sunday on my way home from visiting the mute swans. My shopping target - bananas and out! Needless to say, that didn't happen after I walked in to see blackberries, usually $2.99, selling for 99 cents. Wow! I splurged on two containers - and what a treat! Blackberries, plump, juicy, sweet - and the long trip from Mexico didn't seem to take anything away from the wonderful taste. And yes, I remembered the bananas too.

Ah, the riches of having fresh strawberries and blackberries and bananas - a feast, a taste delight!