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Thursday, November 03, 2022

around Jordan Pond

Denise and I walked in a couple of different places today. For our middle walk we followed the trail around Jordan Pond. We've walked that before but it was long enough ago that there were some changes - or maybe I should say there were a couple of sections that seemed new to me!

The beginning of our walk was on a fairly flat trail through the woods. Next was a rocky section where Denise really had to watch where she put her feet. It was easier for me to bounce on the stable but angled rocks than it was for her to walk. Before we were back on what I would consider a normal trail surface there was a very long section of boardwalk. The boardwalk consisted of two flattened sections from what looked like logs (the top was flat but the bottome was kind of curved) with occasional additional space to allow people to pass. The surface was flat but we didn't want to fall from the boardwalk - we would have been wet and muddy then.

Even with the changing walking surface it is a beautiful trail.

--- Rover
Jordan Pond, Acadia National Park