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Wednesday, November 02, 2022

a carriage road loop

It was early in the afternoon when we got back from the Schoodic Peninsula. We had plenty of time for another walk.

I wasn't sure where we were headed until Denise turned off on Duck Brook Road. She said she wanted to walk the Witch Hole Pond carriage road loop but she couldn't remember the name of the road to take. She thought it was right after the Eagle Lake parking area so she just took the next road. Luckily that was the right choice.

The carriage roads are peaceful places to walk, wide paths used by both walkers and bikers. We were mostly by ourselves today - we saw two pairs of bikers and several other people and dogs walking.

When we finished our loop we walked down Duck Brook Road a bit so Denise could capture the view with her camera.

--- Rover

view from Duck Brook Road