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Friday, December 08, 2017

first impressions :: Fuji XF 80mm Macro

I've had my eye on Fujifilm's X Mount Lens Roadmap for a while now. A new macro lens was projected to be available in late 2017; it was a lens that I believed would fit into my photography habits since macro work focused on flowers is a ongoing focus of mine.

When I picked up my Fuji X-T2 at Hunt's Photo and Video last month I asked to be placed on the waiting list for the soon to be released Fuji XF80mmF2.8 Macro lens. The rumored release date was the end of November. At that point I had no idea when I would receive my new lens. I understood from the sales rep that my request for the lens was within the number of lenses that Hunt's had ordered, but he also told me that the manufacturers often didn't ship full (requested) quantities when a new lens or camera was released. I kept my fingers crossed, hoping to be included in an early shipment.

I was delighted to receive a call on November 30th to let me know that my new macro lens had arrived. It was a good afternoon to drive to Hunt's.

Fuji XF80mm Macro

I've had the lens for a full week, enough time to know that it is a keeper. I've used it for macro photography and I've used it for landscape shots too. The lens has a fast auto focus system, is weather-sealed (yay!), and has optical image stabilization (excellent for hand-held photos). So far I'm delighted with the image quality.

Here are a few samples of the photos that I've taken with this lens so far.

cactus, greenhouses of Lyman Estate

orchids, greenhouses of Lyman Estate

on the beach, Parker River National Wildlife Refuge

evergreen, at Tower Hill Botanic Garden

I'm happy!