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Sunday, July 23, 2017

beyond walls

Listening to NPR brings me more than news. On July 13th, a story aired that talked about the Beyond Walls Mural Festival in Lynn, MA. The focus of the 10-day festival: "19 international and local artists will converge on the city's downtown to turn 15 blank, brick walls into towering, outdoor works of public art".

I immediately knew I needed to make at least one trip to Lynn to see the new murals. I chose to visit yesterday while the artists were still at work on their almost completed creations. Some of the art is on walls extending to ground level; some is high above the roofs of surrounding buildings.

The murals were simply amazing!

mural by David Zayas

More photos of the murals can be seen in the gallery beyond walls :: Lynn, MA.

Interestingly enough there was an article in yesterday's Boston Globe titled Artwork highlights Salem neighborhood’s true colors that focused on murals in Salem, MA. I will visit there soon.