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Saturday, February 25, 2017


It can be very difficult (and upsetting) to read or listen to the news lately. There are days when I don't listen, but I always read the Boston Globe.

There were two articles in yesterday's paper that jumped out at me.

The first, titled Trump’s obsession with loyalty hurts his ability to govern was written by Sarah Hurwitz. The article is well worth reading; here are a few of the words:

Wise presidents understand that to run a large, mind-bogglingly complex government that handles the highest-stakes challenges imaginable, you need the top talent — people with expertise and experience who share your vision and are committed to serving their country — and you take them wherever you can find them.


It seems that for Trump, the key question is not: Are you loyal to American democracy, or Republican party values, or the American people? It is: Are you loyal to Donald Trump? After his erratic behavior during his first month in office, it’s likely harder to find people who can answer that question in the affirmative.

quote from Boston Globe article

The second article, titled Witches are apparently casting a spell on Donald Trump states that "some practicing witches will be casting a collective spell every waning crescent moon until Trump is out of office — to keep the president from harming people and nature".

If you can't play the video posted above, click to here view it on YouTube, or click here to read the full spell.