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Friday, February 24, 2017

a good walk

A brisk walk this morning took care of my exercise needs but that wasn't enough for the day. Warm air tempted me to spend more time outside.

Knowing there was more than a chance that the park wouldn't be walkable, I still headed to Maudslay State Park this afternoon. There was melting snow on the ground that exposed both wet grass and mud. I spoke with someone at the park office and was told that the park was a mess, muddy and mucky. She suggested a circle following mainly paved roads instead.

I headed down the road that passed by Maudslay, crossing a foot-traffic-only bridge onto land owned by a monastery. I continued on the road through the monastery until I turned right on Route 113, turning right again on Hoyt's Lane which led back to my starting point in the park.

There were a few other people walking the same route, a good choice for a day like today when pavement was preferred over mud.

a tree stands tall, surrounded by snow