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Tuesday, December 13, 2016


As the days grow short and the temperature outside drops I am adapting, watching the daylight, layering for warmth, dressing to be seen. It looks like I'll have a chance to test my level of adaptation on Friday when the high temperature is predicted to be 15 degrees. Yikes!

There are a small number of days between now and the winter solstice. While the minutes in each day start to increase at that point I'm trying to remind myself that the lengthening won't be noticeable immediately.

The winter solstice has a daylight length of 9 hours and 4 minutes at my home location. If you're curious about the length of day where you are, I used this Sunrise and Sunset Calculator.

succulent in green, at the Lyman Estate greenhouse

When the air is cold outside it's always good to take some time to visit greenhouses for a touch of warmth and color.