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Saturday, October 10, 2015

two peninsulas

Oh! I think I forgot to tell you that we had October plans to wander in Maine. Yesterday we drove to Yarmouth, and tomorrow we will finish our drive in Bar Harbor for a bit of a play at Acadia National Park.

Today was quite chilly and windy. I need some new photos of me from this trip but I just knew today wasn't the right day since I don't want to inadvertently end up in the ocean! Today Blue and I stayed warm in Denise's camera bag; maybe tomorrow will be a day to bounce on the rocks next to Denise. What? Of course we poked our heads out! We needed to be a part of this wander too.

It was a two peninsula day.

We started by driving the Reid State Park. The wind was howling when we popped out of the car and the air was really cold. Denise was wearing layers and layers and layers. She said she was warm enough, especially if she kept moving. We walked mostly on the rocks by the ocean with just a bit of sandy beach walking. It was high tide, lots of water!

As we drove and walked we saw patches of brightly colored leaves.

Later in the day we went to the tip of the Phippsburg Peninsula. I thought we were going to jump out at Popham Beach but we drove to the end of the road, popping out of the car at the Fort Popham State Historic Site just before low tide. We walked down the beach, stopping to enjoy the beautiful sights.

--- Rover

in Reid State Park
in Reid State Park

autumn color, on the Phippsburg Peninsula
late day light on the Phippsburg Peninsula