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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

mysterious Schoodic

It was foggy this morning, with the forecast calling for rain. Denise decided we needed to head to the Schoodic Peninsula; she said that she would keep her fingers crossed for some wandering time before the rain started.

Fog was with us for most of the drive to Schoodic. There were a couple of places where is seemed to lift but it always came back again.

We reached the tip of the peninsula and walked out on the rocks, stopping in awe at the quiet beauty. Denise spent some time chatting with another woman who was also standing, absorbing the beauty. She was a painter who was participating in an Artist Retreat at the Schoodic Institute. Ah, that's why we have been seeing so many artists with easels painting at different locations in the park!

There was a section of rocks that was covered by resting sea gulls. We didn't walk too close to there so we didn't disturb the birds - but we circled to a point where we could see the rolling waves just past that section of rocks. The water was full of birds floating in the surf, so wonderful.

Schoodic is beautiful in any weather. The fog today gave it a feeling of mystery.

--- Rover
a foggy day on the Schoodic Peninsula