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Monday, October 12, 2015


Today was a day of loops. We drove a loop by following Park Loop Road, and we walked a loop too.

Our walking loop was in the middle of the driving loop. We started walking at Sand Beach, following a path along the coast until we found the start of the Gorham Mountain Trail. We turned inland on that trail, heading up and up. When we reached the high point of the mountain we continued moving in the same direction, heading down a different trail until we were back at Sand Beach again.

The sky was pure blue for most of the day. Denise always likes to see clouds decorating the blue but the weather wizard clearly wasn't listening to her request today. It sounds we may lose the blue tomorrow; the weather forecast calls for a 50% chance of showers. Hmm...

The colors here don't seem to have peaked yet. It seems a bit odd though because there is a mixture of green and color, some bright, some tinged with brown. When we were on the down part of the trail, walking through the woods, Denise just stopped walking and stood looking at the leaves for a while. I was bouncing ahead on the trail but I came back when she stopped. The leaves in that section were wearing bright yellows and oranges, very pretty.

--- Rover

from high on Gorham Mountain
a view from high on Gorham Mountain