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Sunday, April 26, 2015

to the sea

It was a day for a calming walk by the sea.

I headed to the New Hampshire coast without a specific stopping point, knowing (hoping!) that something interesting would catch my eye. I hopped out of the car at Odiorne Point State Park in Rye, NH, choosing to walk a loop starting along the coast and following an inland trail to return. The trails in the park are easy walking, the coastline not so much.

I wanted to get close to the tide pools which meant traversing the very loose rounded rocks along the coast. It was close to low tide when I arrived, slippery seaweed exposed. I walked across still brown sea grass and onto what appeared to be dry mud flats. I hoped the dried mud was in a state to hold a human walking. I was very lucky that it was; I had images of sinking up to my ankles in mud!

It was a wonderful day to walk along the coast. As I looked to the east and south I saw blue sky decorated with white clouds. Later interesting patterns of gray emerged, especially as I looked inland. I love the combination of an interesting sky and coastal scenery.

tide pools, at Odiorne Point State Park

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