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Tuesday, April 07, 2015


It's time to dream of traveling. Denise has a long weekend visit to Acadia planned early in May but she hasn't made any plans for any further away destinations. I guess I need to start looking into interesting destinations and leaving the information showing on her computer. What do you think? Would that help her decide?

As always I'm looking forward to wandering in Acadia. That's one of Denise's favorite places, and it's turned into one of mine too. I do hope that there is enough warmish weather between now and when we head out to uncover the ground in the park.

As of April 2: All areas of the park are covered in heavy snow and unusual amounts of ice. Most areas of the park are inaccessible for this reason. Please use extreme caution while traveling in this area.

from the Acadia National Park Current Conditions page

If there is still snow remaining we'll just have to think hard about where in the park we can (and should) wander. Funny, I think Denise would like to visit the park in the winter sometime; I wonder if we'll see winter in the spring?

--- Rover

dreaming of travel!