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Sunday, August 31, 2014


Today was the middle day of a three-day weekend and Magic Wings Butterfly Conservatory was calling my name. I headed west early this morning with thoughts of beautiful creatures swirling through my mind.

As the first visitor of the day I spent some time almost alone with the butterflies. There were a couple of conservatory staff there and me. I was soon joined by a few more people but it stayed fairly quiet in terms of 2-legged creatures. Many of the butterflies flew, settled for a short time, flew again. A few rested for longer. I stood and looked, moved to another spot, looked again.

This one caught my eye almost immediately. My initial thought was that it was a dead leaf... when I looked again I realized it was a butterfly resting, masquarading as a leaf.

an autumn leaf or indian leafwing butterfly

More photos from today's butterfly visit can be viewed in the gallery on the wings of butterflies, starting with this photo and ending here.