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Sunday, March 16, 2014

traveling? soon!

It's the middle of March. We don't have plans yet for a longish trip for this year but about a month ago Denise realized that she needed a quick escape. She wasn't sure where we should go so I jumped in to help using her long weekend travel "rules". I looked for places in the Southwest within reasonable driving distance from an airport that we could get to on a non-stop flight from either Boston or Manchester.

I was looking for a good place to wander by foot, an interesting place for Denise to play with her camera... I think I found one! We're headed to Sedona, a place we visited a long, long time ago. It was long enough that I don't remember much about the trip - except for the fact that we had one day of sunshine, one of rain, and one of snow. That trip was 10 years ago, and a month earlier than this one. It's still a couple of days too early to see a weather forecast for our travels but I did check the forecast for the next few days in Sedona. It's showing lows in the mid 40s and high in the mid 60s to low 70s. That sounds pretty good to me; when I told Denise she smiled.

Our non-stop flights go between Boston and Phoenix. We land at night so we'll stay in Phoenix that night, saving the driving for the morning. We'll have three days on the ground to play before heading east again on an overnight flight.

Oh! I'm so glad we'll be traveling soon.

--- Rover
at Grassi Lakes
posing in front of Grassi Lakes last summer