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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

waiting for an airplane

Denise said she doesn't remember seeing security at Logan Airport as empty as it was tonight. We didn't need to wait in line at all!

That means we have a bit of time to just relax. Our relaxing started with a stop at Pinkberry, a frozen yogurt shop in the terminal. We shared a dish of peppermint frozen yogurt, yummy!

Denise did her usual airport walking but I told her I wanted to sit down for a few minutes so I could update you on our travel status. Just think, the next time I write it will be from Arizona.

Hmm... I wonder if I can convince Denise to try to sleep on the plane. She usually doesn't, but it's going to be really late in our time when we land. A nap might be good. Oh! I remembered to tuck a set of ear buds into Denise's bag so we can watch and listen to the onboard entertainment. Denise said she will probably read, but I might see a movie or a show I want to watch.

I'm really looking forward to wandering in a new place!

--- Rover