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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

adapting to home

Southern Arizona was a very nice spot for a quick escape but brrr... we're back to winter here! It was very cold when we landed at Logan Airport early Monday morning but we were very lucky. Denise thought we would need to dig the car out of snow from the weekend storm but there was only a coating of ice on the windshield, no snow. The car's defroster helped to make it a bit easier to scrape, then we headed home.

It snowed yesterday afternoon into the night and then today the sun reappeared. Everything is so white, and still cold. I think it's going to get a bit warmer over the next few days but it won't come close to the temperatures we enjoyed in Tucson. I guess I'll need to wander through the photos of our trip to remind me of warm(ish) temperatures in the winter.

I had to be careful where I bounced in the desert since I didn't want to get cactus spines in my feet. Luckily there was a rock in front of this spiky little cactus so I could pose for a photo. But oops! I didn't manage to get a shot of Denise on this trip. Hmm... I'll try to do better the next time.

--- Rover
on a safe (not spiny like cactus!) rock in Saguaro National Park