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Sunday, July 21, 2013

first impressions :: Dell Inspiron One 23

I've been thinking about buying a new computer, thinking, comparing, deciding on the form my new tool would take. I've been using laptops for many years now but tend to use my computer in a single location. This time my desire for a larger screen caused me to look beyond portable.

All-in-One computers caught my eye. After wandering into a store to see what was available locally (yikes!) I quickly went back to web searches. The first computer that caught my eye was bigger than I wanted with a 27" monitor. I tried to convince myself bigger was better, but the size and the too large price convinced me to wait a bit and then to keep looking.

I decided on a Dell Inspiron One 23. The monitor size (of 23 inches) felt right to me and I loved the idea of the All-in-One as opposed to having a separate processing unit and monitor. It has a clean look, and you know I don't like clutter!

The monitor is a touch screen. I suspect that I'll still use the mouse more than touch but there may be times when touch makes more sense. I have to admit I'm glad I had upgraded my laptop to Windows 8 so the first play on this computer wasn't my first experience with the operating system.

Yes, my phone is Windows 8 too, which makes sharing interesting. Sky Drive usage between the devices is seamless - when I take a photo on my phone it is automatically uploaded to Sky Drive and then automatically downloaded to the Sky Drive folder on my computer. You're right, that's not why I bought a new computer!

I've had two days to transfer files, install software, play. The monitor is a good size, I'm adapting to a new version of Lightroom, the computer is performing well. I think I made a good choice; I'm happy!

my new computer, Dell Inspiron One 23