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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

back to the Rockies

Oh! I'm so excited!

Denise finally decided where we will be wandering late in the summer. It seems like it took her a really long time to come to a decision - but once she decided, poof! reservations for flights, a car, and places to stay are all in place. We'll be heading back to the Rockies, in Canada this time. A B&B in Canmore will be our base for wandering.

Denise at Moraine LakeRover at Rocky Mountain National Park

These photos are both from the Rockies. The picture of me is from last year's visit to Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado, and the photo of Denise is from 15 years ago. It's from the end of her first solo bicycle tour back in 1998. She started that trip in Idaho and ended in Jasper, Alberta. I think she is standing in front of Moraine Lake. Oh! Denise just told me she thinks she looks much younger in that shot.

This will be a new visiting place for me. Denise has been there twice, traveling by bicycle in 1998, and hiking in 2000. She told me that the trip in 2000 was totally unplanned as it replaced a biking trip at the very last minute. The biking was supposed to be in Wyoming; forest fires less than 50 miles from where she was planning to wander made her think twice about going there so she jumped up to Canada instead. Sometimes travel plans just need to be changed.

--- Rover