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Sunday, July 07, 2013

at the airport

This piece of art jumped out at me as I walked out of the gate area at the Philadelphia International Airport last week. There were a sea of people walking with me then. This morning the terminal hallway was close to empty, allowing me to capture an image.

Isaac Tin Wei Lin: Another Dimensionat the Philadelphia International Airport

This piece is the work of Isaac Tin Wei Lin. From the Current Exhibits section of the Art at the Airport section of the airport's web site:

Philadelphia artist Isaac Tin Wei Lin is known for his use of colorful, pattern-filled abstractions and cut-outs of large-scale cartoon cats and totem-like hieroglyphs. Lin often combines all three components by printing repeated patterns on multiple sheets of paper and pasting the patterned paper onto the wall to create a mesmerizing backdrop for his larger than life, upright-walking cats and abstract vertical letterforms.