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Tuesday, November 08, 2011

So dark

Last night darkness had already descended by the time I left the office. Tonight I left a little earlier, while there was still an edge of glowing light in the west. By the time I arrived home and headed out for my evening walk, it was very dark out.

I walk wearing blinking lights, lights that allow me to be seen. I let my eyes adjust to the dark; for the most part walking in the dark works quite well. The not so well part? I walk in neighborhoods that don't wear street lights. In many places there is enough light coming from the houses to light the road, but in others it is very dark. I only walked into one pile of downed branches from our late October storm tonight, stopping before I did more than brush the wood. Oops!

Turning the clocks back an hour is very noticeable in the first days after the time change. I know I'll become accustomed to starting my late day walks in the dark, hopefully within the next couple of days. Dark...