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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Following the sun

Today was a gift from the weather wizard, a November day with temperatures in the 50s. Tomorrow promises to be a repeat too!

Afternoon came, and I headed for Odiorne Point State Park along the New Hampshire coast. It has a mix of inland trails and coastal walks along rocky beaches, a good place to wander. I started on the inland side, following a paved trail, then heading back through the woods with occasional "beach" stops to check the light on the water.

Finished, I was heading south towards home when I caught a glimpse of the light at Jenness State Beach. It was low tide, and the sun setting in the west was casting pink light over both the sand and the sea as I looked to the east. Yes, of course I stopped for a beach walk!

Odiorne Point, water, reflection

Jenness State Beach, sunset

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