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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Half power

Now that was odd!

At about 8 tonight the power went out. All I could think was not again. I was upstairs in the dark. I looked out of my front windows, and I could see that the lights on the outside of the buildings that are always on at night were out. But it was odd - there were lights coming from some of my neighbor's houses. Hmm...

I turned to head downstairs and realized that the lights were on on the first floor but not on the second. OK, that's flat out weird. I headed outside, standing in the rain comparing notes with my neighbors. A couple of people had full power, but most of us had half power. I've never seen that before. I called the power company, making sure to talk with a person instead of leaving an outage report on the automated system. I wanted to make sure it was an outside power issue as opposed to an inside issue. I was assured that there were power outages in my area, and that it wasn't abnormal to have some power. I settled in to wait.

At 10:30 the house went completely black. Oops! Just as I picked up the phone to call National Grid again, the power popped back on - all of it. Phew!