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Sunday, May 01, 2011

A Prius ride, a beach walk

When I saw Denise head out for her morning walk with a camera in hand I thought maybe we weren't going for a ride in the Prius today. She didn't forget, she said that she wanted to walk on the beach at close to low tide, and she chose the late afternoon high tide because she didn't want to walk in the early morning dark.

Oh! I like the car. It has a smooth ride, and I have a choice of places to sit and look out of the windows.

Rover looking out the window in the Prius

We headed to the Wells Reserve. The trees were mostly still bare, but new leaves were emerging. About halfway from our starting point to the coast we started hearing crashing waves, and it was quite windy too. The sky was a clear blue with only a couple of wispy clouds. Did you know that Denise loves the sunshine but she thinks that skies patterned with clouds are a lot more interesting?
--- Rover

newly emerging, spring leaves

waves of sand, water pooling

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