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Friday, May 20, 2011

Driving, afternoon into evening

I've been keeping an eye on the weekend weather forecasts for a few weeks now, hoping to find a dry few days to satisfy my need for a wander in Acadia. This week's gray and wet conditions fed my into need to get away. Yesterday I decided that it was time to take a chance on the weather, and this afternoon it was time to head to Maine.

The skies were gray. The ground was dry for the first time in days. Driving...

Fog appeared in the distance, hugging the ground.
Rain started, light, heavy, light, stopping.
Signs warning to watch for moose in the road changed, from simple text to images of a moose.

Miles rolled by.

My drive ended in Bar Harbor at the Holland Inn, my home away from home what I suspect will be a too quick 3-day weekend. The weather? Only time will tell - I'm hoping for more dry than wet. No matter, it's time to recharge, to absorb the wonder of Acadia National Park.