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Saturday, April 23, 2011


This morning was cool and rainy, as expected. As I sat wondering how to escape for a bit I remembered that there is a butterfly "garden" not too far from home. Ah, that's it! I headed out, arriving at opening time. It was fairly quiet at first, just a few photographers. I think I was lucky to have a quiet 45 minutes before the place filled with children. I stayed a solid two hours, fascinated by the butterflies.

Some of the butterflies perched on flowers quietly. Some continued to flutter their wings even when they weren't flying, like this one...

butterfly fluttering, moving

Some wore different clothes front and back. Would you believe these two photos are of the same butterfly?

butterfly top butterfly bottom

It was so nice to be warm! The garden was kept at butterfly temperatures, humid and in the 80s. Taking photos had to wait a bit until the moisture (from the humidity) cleared from my camera lens. One of the other wandering photographers told me about Magic Wings, a butterfly conservatory and garden just a couple of hours drive from here. Hmm... I suspect I'll head out there to visit more butterflies in the not too distant future.

butterfly under flower

tropical flowers

More photos from today's butterfly visit can be seen in the gallery Flitter, flutter, fly.