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Sunday, November 14, 2010


A change of pace was the order of the day, a walk among buildings instead of my normal wanders in a park or along the coast. I headed to Lowell National Historical Park for a bit of walking among the mill buildings and canals.

looking up, winding stair

gears meshing

Ah, oops! Believe it or not the canals were drained for maintenance of some sort; I'll just have to go back when the water is flowing.

Some people apparently believe that the canals are a good place to get rid of no longer wanted items. I saw more rusted abandoned bicycles than I could believe, along with shopping carts and other odd assorted items. The bicycles especially made me sad; it's a shame that the owners didn't think enough to find new homes for them.

abandoned bicycle

A few more photos from today can be seen in the gallery (Uncategorized) camera play.