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Sunday, June 13, 2010


Morning, gray with a possibility of rain...

In spite of the forecast I followed my desire to walk by the water. Light rain started falling almost immediately as I pointed my car towards the northeast, not a mile from home. I quickly rejected the thought of turning around and continued rolling towards Maine. My stopping point? Kittery Point, decorated in mist and fog.

There were two places I thought I'd wander - a section of the Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge, and Fort Foster. The sound of dive-bombing mosquitoes cut my walk at Rachel Carson short. That trail is on my "must return" list for a dry day - today a walk along the road had to suffice. Then I moved on to Fort Foster, a park on Gerrish Island. Today's walk was quite enjoyable, but this park too needs another visit, a visit on a day when I can see beyond the mist.

quiet, misty, reflections, Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge

quiet, misty, reflections

A few more photos from today can be found in my gallery South Coastal Maine - 2010. When you hit the photos wearing a blue sky, you'll know you've progressed beyond today's misty gray.