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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Glistening water, shapes in sand, colors

The annual Hampton Beach Sand Sculpture context pulled me to the coast this morning. That was just a small part of my wanders though.

Vehicle stashed at Hampton Beach State Park, I walked north along the beach, heading to the location of the sand sculptures. The waves glittered in the morning light, painted with multiple reflections of the glowing sun.

I stood for a while when I reached the sculptures, watching the artists extend their work. Fleeting works of art...

A bit further up the coast, Fuller Gardens were waiting. This was my first visit there; it won't be the last. I started my visit at the Koi Pond, enjoying the shade, listening. What is that sound? It was a repeating sound, calming, but one that I didn't think was created by nature. I listened, moved closer, and found... this:

Water, dripping from a bamboo pipe into another piece of bamboo. The water changes the balance of the bamboo, it pivots, the water empties. As the bamboo returns to a position to receive water, a hollow click/clunk is heard, a sound that carries through the garden.

And then, it was time to wander through the roses. There are perennials around the edges, with the center sections of two large garden areas filled with roses.

A few samples of my day:

waves glisten in morning light

a figure emerging from sand, in the skillful hands of Justin Gordon

roses at Fuller Gardens

flowing water

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