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Sunday, June 06, 2010

Between rainstorms

From rain to calm to rain again... It was a crazy weather day, a bit unstable, but I still managed some outside time.

I hoped to find a non-rainy window for a wander on two wheels, but the changes happened so fast that I opted for wandering by foot instead. I almost headed out with a camera in hand for my morning fast walk. A quick glance at the sky convinced me that an umbrella might be more fitting, and it was. The sky got progressively darker, and after a while a light rain started to fall. I wandered through neighborhoods that showed some of the damages from the storms that started yesterday. There were trees down. Poles carrying cables were down too. I found it interesting that none of cables appeared to be broken, although the tether to some houses was pulled out. I suspect there are a few calls out to electricians for help.

By the time I returned home the sky had turned from dark to bright once again. I felt the pull of the Stephens-Coolidge Place gardens (yes, I know, visits there are definitely becoming an addiction) so I took advantage of the lull in the storms to wander there. Although the gardens are only a mile and a half from home, I decided to drive there today. That was a good decision. After a good garden wander the sky again turned dark, and I heard the rumble of thunder. It was time to head home.

yellow peony petals

pink, stalk, blossoms