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Sunday, April 04, 2010

Goose honking

Oh! I've been wandering with Denise on our bike this weekend. The weather feels like summer. I know that cooler days will return before long, so I just had to play outside for a bit.

Denise & I were standing by a pond in Harold Parker State Forest. Denise stopped the forward motion of our two-wheeled steed so we could soak in our surroundings for a bit. It was so quiet. And then... I heard the honk, honk of a Canada Goose. I looked up, and I saw him flying low along the road. That road was a narrow pathway between tall trees, a path through the air as well as on the ground (for ground-dwellers like Denise & me). The goose swooped down the road, turned, and splashed down in the pond.

Some days, sometimes, I wish I could fly too!

--- Rover
reflections in a pond, trees