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Saturday, April 03, 2010

Dam, rushing water

It was a summer-like day in April, a day for riding. I thought for a bit about what roads to follow, and then... I knew that I needed to see the water flowing over the dam across the Merrimack River in Lawrence, and I needed to see it with camera in hand.

It was sunny enough to let me catch some reflections of old buildings in one of the canals.

reflections, mill buildings, canal, Lawrence Massachusetts

After a quick stop by the canal, I headed for the river. I hoped to see the dam from water level as well as from the bridge. That wasn't possible today. The water level is still extremely high. The path along the river had emerged from the water, but the rocks I needed to scramble across were still underwater.

My first view of the water was just above the dam and to the side. Quickly flowing water, smooth along the edge, crashing below into a river that is much higher than usual.

water flowing over dam, Lawrence Massachusetts

I moved onto the bridge, marveling at the difference in the height of the falling water from the last time I had seen it. None of the structure of the dam was visible, just the falling water.

Here's a view from the bridge from yesterday:

water flowing over Lawrence dam, April 2010

And here's a view from the same spot from April of 2009:

water flowing over Lawrence dam, April 2009