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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Dodging raindrops

Rain, dry, rain... It was a bit of a wet weekend. I walked in light rain yesterday, managing to get home just before the skies opened up. Today the prediction was for more rain, but the air switched back to dry by noon. The sky was still gray, but somehow it seemed like a good time to head to the coast.

I drove through rain not too far from home. I even thought for a brief moment about turning around, but I didn't. The rain continued in spurts. Rain, a little blue sky, rain, gray, rain, blue. The changing light made it a magical day to wander with a camera. And I didn't get too wet.

sea gulls talking

reflections in water, clouds, green grass

patterns of clouds and water

More photos from today's wander can be seen in the gallery New Hampshire's short coastline - 2010.