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Friday, September 25, 2009

Canvas print beauty

One more week and I'll be moving to a new office, a new building in a different city, new surroundings...

No, not a new job, just a new office space, and yes, it's a cubicle!
I decided that I needed to adorn my new space with a few of my photos. I have some small images on my desk now, images from many years ago. It's time for something new.

I chose three of my photos and placed an order for prints on Giclee Canvas mounted on a rigid foamboard. The backing is very light but sturdy, and the photos can easily be propped up on a mini-easel - my intended display mode. I ordered them from my photo galleries, hosted at SmugMug with processing by Bay Photo. This is the first order that I placed since I switched to this lab - nothing like checking it out with something more complex that a simple print!

I arrived home today to find a very sturdy package from Bay Photo waiting for me. It contained my new photos, safely packed in a non-bendable package with each photo wreathed in plastic. I'm delighted with the finished product!

Oh! You want to know which prints I chose? My cubicle will soon be adorned with these three photos:

floral beauty

sunset in Wolfville, Nova Scotia

along the Cabot Trail, Nova Scotia