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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Back to Parker River

The piping plovers have returned the beach at Parker River to a sharing with people status once again. Actually, I believe the beach was probably re-opened in early August, but somehow I didn't make it back there until now.

It was a cool, sunny day, a good day for a walk. I started on the Plum Island Sound side of the refuge, watching the wind push the water and the grasses in the marsh. Then it was time to walk along the ocean.

At this time of year surf fishing is permitted, and a number of trucks are allowed on the beach. The trucks were all parked in a line away from the water, and there was a sea of fishing lines set up. I stopped to chat with one of the fisherman. He said that he had caught some skate the night before, and that he saw one person with a bluefish. He was planning on spending the night, hoping for more productive fishing.

I walked (long) stretches of almost empty beach, watching and listening to the waves, seeing the sun highlight the tall grass and dunes as it dropped lower in the sky.

It was a good afternoon for a walk by the water.