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Sunday, August 30, 2009

It's good to be home

I had a fabulous wander in Newfoundland and Nova Scotia, but I have to admit it is good to be home. Yesterday's all day rainfall gave me some much needed rest and relaxation time, and today's warm sunshine provided the incentive to get out on my bike.

I've started to go through my photos, to pick those I'd like to share. Two weeks of photos. From a numbers standpoint, I suppose it was good that my camera felt it needed to hide on some of those wet days! For now, I'm enjoying the review and selection process. I'll post here and in my travel journal to let you know when images crop up in my galleries for viewing. For now, there are (just) a couple of images in my travel journal.

To whet your appetite... here's a late day photo from Wolfville, Nova Scotia.

sunset in Wolfville, Nova Scotia