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Sunday, August 09, 2009

Dale's dogs

I'm so glad I went wandering around Dale Rogers' web site Thursday night. Thursday morning's Boston Globe article mentioned that he was traveling with his big dog sculptures over the next month; when I looked a bit further I found that 20 of his dogs would be gracing a town park in Haverhill this weekend. That's close - the next town north of here.

Friday afternoon I grabbed my camera, jumped on my bike, and headed up to visit the dogs. There was a Friday afternoon gathering in the park, people and music. I wandered, chatted with others wondering at the very big dogs, and yes, I took a few photos. I headed back yesterday morning, hoping for some quiet time alone with the dogs. I shared my morning wanders with two other photographers, and with a couple who were posing their cooperative (live, tail-wagging) dog atop one of the big dogs.

Dale's dogs

Intrigued? Click to see a few more shots of Dale's dogs.